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Goodbye Michael..

My very sweet and tender brother always has his unique ways in waking you up and making you roll out of bed khawa!.. Like he always wakes us on Eid days.. How!!.. Well..Simply he turns his room into a morning night club with a real loud trance songs -How sweet-.. For me I like to wake up in that way..Really refreshing ;D But on Friday he woke me at 11 a.m. and said; Gees!! You still sleep!! Walek Michael Jackson passed away yesterday!! I looked at him and was surprised about what he said!!.. I mean.. I know that eventually we are all going to die.. But never thought about Michael dying.. It’s just never occurred to me.. Then when I was completely awake.. I said in my mind.. How sad.. Really sad news!! We’ve always listened to his songs when we were little and were amazed by his dancing moves & exclusively outfits.. Now I’ve remembered.. Tab Beat FM & Sunny are giving away two tickets for one of his first shows.. Olak what would they do now!! So sad.. May his soul re

All New!

Okay I admit Japanese people are smart and very creative and for many years they inspired us with their vision about totally fresh thoughts,, But Japan.. Did you run out of ideas?!! Coca Cola-exclusively in Japan-is making a new project named (Green-Tea Cola)!! How unusual combination! Is it really necessary or even a good idea to mix something healthy with a soda? Questioning what category of society is the one that would be interested in that! Children, seniors or the athletic ones.. I would never buy such a drink though I like experiencing new things.. Sorry Japan.. But this time I think you are not doing as good as you used to be.. Heehee is Coca Cola Jordan going to be inspired and do a (Shanina Cola)!