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Hats Off To Gmail Team!

Yesterday I couldn’t access my Gmail account, in each type I type my password they were requesting my phone number to verify my account. I was pissed off! I don’t want to share my number and didn't like the idea of being obligated to do so.. After all it is my own number and I already provided you with a secondary email account. After 3 hours of trying to find another way to verify it without using my number.. I gave up and registered the number and it worked immediately.. After I accessed my account I figured out the reason behind the whole issue.. And I was amazed.. Apparently a spam email was sent from my account to everyone who was listed in my address book and Gmail team noted it, and took the action in blocking the account till I verify it. Safety is a major issue for them and I am really impressed how they solved the whole issue to maintain the security of my account. Thank you Gmail Team :)


Dubizzle (pronounced doo-biz-zull), is a verb very popularly used in the Middle East. Like the phrase "To Google". To Dubizzle something means to use the website to buy or sell or find something. is one of the Middle East's most popular classifieds and community portals. **UrbanDictionary