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Everybody's Fine!

A blow away movie from 2009!  I've just saw it today.. A Great story with major massage about the relation between parents and their adult-children.. The movie is filled with honest emotions,, One of the best drama movies that really touch your heart.. The movie went through the idea of “death brought family all together”.. And when his children tried to keep some hidden secrets away from him.. He knew the truth.. But didn’t say a word.. My favorite scenes are when the father looks at his children.. And all what he sees is them at the age of 6 years old.. One fine quote; " As long as you're happy,, I'd be proud of you no matter what you did.." I loved the characters,, performance and the soundtracks.. Defiantly a must see..

This Is Your Tea Time!

A friend of mine brought me a pack of Lipton Forest Fruit Tea   two days ago.. I couldn't resist trying it on the same day.. It was very tasty.. For me it’s perfect to be drank in family gatherings.. You should try it too..