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Greetings From Dubai!

My lovely readers and followers.. I miss you.. I am sorry for not being active lately.. It's because I am on a vacation for 2 weeks and I barely find time to read my favorite blogs and for checking on my friends on twitter .. Many thanks for your loyalty.. To all the people who kept on visiting my page commenting on my posts and sharing their ideas about them with me..

Quick Tips (Part 4)

More quick tips from Howcast Channel ; * Rusty or water-spotted chrome.. Pour cola on it,, then wipe with the shiny side of aluminum foil.. * Need to secretly unseal an envelope.. Stick it in the freezer for a few hours and it will pop right open.. * Jar won’t open.. Wrap a rubber band around the lid,, it will provide enough grip for you to twist the top right off.. * Dropped an egg.. Cover it with salt.. After 15 minutes you’ll be able to sweep it up.. * Shoes smell eww.. Put half a dryer sheet in each shoe overnight and by morning,, they’ll be fresh as daisies..