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On My 2010 Resolutions!

Hello my dear friends.. it's been a while since I updated my blog.. Thank you all for your kind words on my last blog.. Hopefully I will be back as active as I used to be.. As for my last year resolutions .. This is what I have so far.. 1. I lost 4 kg till now.. And I go to the gym frequently.. 2. Didn’t get the chance yet.. 3. I am forced now to get over my fears from dark places :( fish 7al tani.. 4. Done that 7amdilla.. 5. Done.. 6. I am much better now at that.. 7. Done karaoke with my friends.. 8. I really can't tell if I succeeded in that or not yet.. This year was different in many levels.. Even Ramadan wasn’t as same as the previous ones.. I had some ups and many downs.. I got a good job in a good company.. On the other hand I lost an important person in my life.. Allah yir7amek ya mama w yir7amak ya baba.. Last December my mom and sister were already in Riyadh.. On 31- Dec My bff, cousin and I spent the evening watching stupid movie and eating chips as a