Everybody's Fine!

A blow away movie from 2009! I've just saw it today.. A Great story with major massage about the relation between parents and their adult-children.. The movie is filled with honest emotions,, One of the best drama movies that really touch your heart..

The movie went through the idea of “death brought family all together”.. And when his children tried to keep some hidden secrets away from him.. He knew the truth.. But didn’t say a word..

My favorite scenes are when the father looks at his children.. And all what he sees is them at the age of 6 years old..

One fine quote; "As long as you're happy,, I'd be proud of you no matter what you did.."

I loved the characters,, performance and the soundtracks.. Defiantly a must see..


  1. I usually read about the movie before I watch it. For some reason this one I didn't because from the poster I thought it is a comedy. It turned out it is a tearjerker movie. It is very emotional and not good for people in expat. But it was a good movie over all.

  2. Hey Rula,I haven't visited for a long time, sam7iiini! Hope you are doing well. :)

    Thanks for the review, we'll put this on our list to rent :)

  3. i never watched it , but im gna download it rite now !

  4. اوكي يعني لازم هسه نروح زيارة على محل ال dvd!
    صحيح حمدالله عالسلامة :)
    وين هالغيبة؟ ما تكوني سافرت مرة تانية من ورانا؟

  5. I watched it few months ago with my parents, all the time WE tried to stop our tears but we couldn't :(

    I love that scenes too ,and the one when he saw the painting :(

    KeKe.... u must watch it......jad it worth it :)

  6. '3areeb wala 7ata sme3et fyoo !! bas men el comment taba3 wshsiper batalet bedi a7daro :(

  7. Haven`t seen it, on the list 4 sure,, I thought it was a comedy! :)


  8. jaraad ;
    You're right you don't get it right from the trailer,, Yes one great movie indeed :)

    kinziblogs ;
    Sama7tek :D
    Yea hamdulila I am doing good,, Yes It is highly recommended..

    eshda3wa ;
    I am sure you'll love it

    الكيل بمكيالين ;
    الله يسلم عمرك يا رب,, ههههه أبدا بس عشان مسكت شغل جديد ولساني بمرحلة الإستيعاب فامش عم يصحلي أزور مدوناتي المفضله.. بس إن شاء الله برجع زي أول وأكتر عن قريب :)

    Whisper ;
    The paint scene is amazing,, I loved the movie a lot and wouldn't mind watching it again :)

    Zuhair 3abdilhadi Basha ;
    la la lazem tshoofo w ana akeede inak 7at7ibo :)

    Haitham ;
    Nop, but yes it is a must see..

  9. Great film really I liked it.

    BTW; nice blog..


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