On My 2010 Resolutions!

Hello my dear friends.. it's been a while since I updated my blog.. Thank you all for your kind words on my last blog.. Hopefully I will be back as active as I used to be..

As for my last year resolutions.. This is what I have so far..
1. I lost 4 kg till now.. And I go to the gym frequently..
2. Didn’t get the chance yet..
3. I am forced now to get over my fears from dark places :( fish 7al tani..
4. Done that 7amdilla..
5. Done..
6. I am much better now at that..
7. Done karaoke with my friends..
8. I really can't tell if I succeeded in that or not yet..

This year was different in many levels.. Even Ramadan wasn’t as same as the previous ones..
I had some ups and many downs.. I got a good job in a good company.. On the other hand I lost an important person in my life.. Allah yir7amek ya mama w yir7amak ya baba..

Last December my mom and sister were already in Riyadh.. On 31- Dec My bff, cousin and I spent the evening watching stupid movie and eating chips as a celebration of the new year evening..
Sadly there will be no more usual January first..
Jad dinya ghareebe.. Today you are here but tomorrow you never know where you're going to be..

Happy New Year everyone.. Allah yij3alha sant kheer 3al jamee3..


  1. happy new year roula, i hope ur new year be better inshallah :)

    happy that u r back here :)

  2. Hi Rula, hard to say "Happy" New Year after all you experienced this one. I will say "Peaceful" New Year.

  3. الله يرحم الوالده ويجعل مثواها الجنه
    ادعو لكِ بالقوه لاجل نفسك

  4. إن شاء الله سنة خير و تكون أفضل يا رب يا رلى

    إحنا رجعنا مبارح من العمرة و عقبال هندك قريبا

    أنا شايف إنك حققت كثير منهم و بالتوفيق في 2011


  5. happy new year 7abebtee o inshallah a5r el a7zan o ma tshoofe ay she yez3likkk o inshallah allah yewf2ek o yes3edik kman o kman l2nik bnt btstaahli kol 5eeeeer ... lazm terj3elna active l2no 3n nsht2likkkkkkk

  6. حبيبتي رولا
    الله يرحم خالتو وعمو و يسكنهم فسيح جنانه يا رب
    الحمد لله على كل شي و ربنا يصبركم لتستمرو

    وان شاء الله سنة 2011 تكون سنة خير عليكم و عالجميع

  7. I wish you a better 2011. W Allah ykhalleelek eli bet7ebeehom.

  8. الله يرحم الوالدة ويصبرك يا رب...
    وأكيد اللي جاي أحسن.. الله يبعتلك كل الخير يا رب..

  9. As kinzi said, I wish you a peaceful new year. Allah yer7am your parents.

  10. wenek ya Rula !! Zaman 3annek ! hope everything is ok !! comeback to blogging :p


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