Hats Off To Gmail Team!

Yesterday I couldn’t access my Gmail account, in each type I type my password they were requesting my phone number to verify my account.

I was pissed off! I don’t want to share my number and didn't like the idea of being obligated to do so.. After all it is my own number and I already provided you with a secondary email account.

After 3 hours of trying to find another way to verify it without using my number.. I gave up and registered the number and it worked immediately..

After I accessed my account I figured out the reason behind the whole issue.. And I was amazed.. Apparently a spam email was sent from my account to everyone who was listed in my address book and Gmail team noted it, and took the action in blocking the account till I verify it.

Safety is a major issue for them and I am really impressed how they solved the whole issue to maintain the security of my account.

Thank you Gmail Team :)


  1. oh !!! it was you who sent all this spam emails!!?!


  2. أولن حمدلله ع سلامتك يا بطه

    ثانياً ,, بس بيضل الجي ميل أحسن من غيره؟؟

  3. it happened to me last week too :)

    the issue was solved immediately after submitting my # :)


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