Sunday, 22 November 2009

كــــل عـــام وأنــتــم بــألــف خـــيــــر مــقــدمــا

It's been a while since I updated my blog page.. Promise you all I'll be back and more active than before soon insha Allah :)

kul sane winto salmeeeen :)
One of my favorite Eid rituals is watching this video on every single Eid :) Enjoy it xD


  1. Kol 3am o enty b 1000 5er :)
    enshalla byen3ad 3leki o 3ala el kol bel 5er o el salameh :)

  2. oh no .. this song .. i die
    but ofcours happy eid for u and us :)

  3. Fara7; Thank you :)

    zuzikabdo; hehehe you knew this song before :)
    I can't stop smiling everytime I listen to it :)
    Oh sa7eee7 I went to Lumiere Cafe and I hated it :S

  4. why did u hate it ?
    also the guy didnt pay us the money .. so feel free to say anything u want :)

  5. How rude from them!!
    The waiters are horrible,, The food is like the worst food I've ate,, and the service really sux slow and stupid.. I went with my friend and we sat there form half an hour and left the place..

  6. yes i went like 2 times after the opening to check how they went with the design and the service as well .. and i told them like soooo many comments ... but they didnt listen .. so it end up in a bad shape .. the owner want to cut the budget of every thing .. so the result is bad.. sory any way .. i feel its my fault that u went .. the post i wrote it when they just open ..

  7. hello .. :D
    u have been tagged ..
    check my blog to know more

  8. zuzikabdo ; LoL,, No it is ok.. It is only that your post encouraged mme more to go and check out this place..
    Anyways I would never go back again..No matter what.. We live to learn :)

    Farah; Yes I saw it :) It is nice

  9. kol 3am w enti b 5eer rola sis ..happy to see u blogging again ,,nshallah tkon ayamik kolhaa 3eed ,, enjoy ur holiday :)

  10. boo.. iam ashamed.. but iam glad that u learnd ur lesson ))