A Golden Rule

From what I've learned.. Never add on Facebook your boss or the not-that-close-neither-friendly-relatives.. If they insisted tell them you're an active user for twitter and use it with them..
Keep Facebook to close family and to your friends..


  1. Welcome back ya amar
    We miss u 2ad eldenya
    Ramadan kareem :D

    Usually we learn this kind of rules after a BIG mistake :S

  2. I miss you more walla :)
    Finally 3am arja3 active :)
    Yes mana olt I want to share it 3ashan ili lisa masarilhom hal mawqef ykoon 3indhom fikra keef a7san shee yitsarafo :)

  3. ;)
    مرحبا رولا
    رمضان كريم وينعاد عليكي بالخير ان شالله

    هالنصيحة كمان قالتلي ياها قرايبتي من مرة
    وقالتلي قصة كمان انه وحدة اخدت اجازة من الشغل ع اساس انها مريضة .. طلعت رايحة رحلة ومنزلة صورها ع الفيس بوك .. مديرها عرف وصارت فضيحة انها كذابة


  4. As whisper said we usually learn after a big mistake. Mine was adding every single relative to my facebook friends. The only solution was to quit delete my account for a year. I created one but become very selective whom to add as fb friend.

    Welcome back!

  5. Yup. Unfortunately I gave in

  6. yup ... Totally Agree :D I already following this advice :P

  7. hi rula @ welcome back :)

    yes you are right and there is another alternative by making 2 accounts , one of them for the close relatives an friends and the second one for the Colleagues .

    have a good day

  8. ma3ek 7a2,,,facebook is too personal.
    الحمدلله على السلامه

  9. Ahmad M. Al-Mahrouq ;
    بالزبط هادا واحد من أحد الأسباب إنك ما إضيفهم
    رمضان كريم علينا وعليك :)

    jaraad ;
    lols! I'll tell you something.. Once I had this colleague that I didn't like a bit.. First thing I did when I returned home is I searched him on Facebook then blocked him so he can never be able to add me xD

    KJ ;

  10. Mr.H ;
    Great to hear that :)

    أشرف محيي الدين ;
    You can do that too.. But about me I can't manage two accounts..

    nissan ;
    الله يسلمك,, نورتي المدونه كتير إنبسطت بزيارنك :)


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