As much as we cry for individuality.. We want to look like everybody else..


  1. True! On a personal level, I am different but I am always afraid to show my true self. Which is why I started a blog. Great Picture.

  2. So true :)

    Usually people refuse any thing new, and everybody hates rejection ..

    7akeeeeeeeeeemeh ya a7la garabah :D

  3. You r unique, juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust like every1 else! :P

    Nice and true words Rula.


  4. التنوع في اطار الوحدة والتماهي مع الكل دون خسار التميز

    كان معكم جمال ريان - الجزيرة

  5. We all hate being rejected and we all strive to make people like us and to feel like we are part of them.

  6. يعني
    مش الكل
    البعض ممكن
    بس برضو التفرد حلو
    مع إنه صعب كثير

    كوني على طبيعتك

  7. صح لسانك، الانسان حيوان اجتماعي ياختي ولا مؤاخذه:)

  8. evatarma ;
    Welcome to my blog.. IT was nice having you here..

    Whisper ;
    :) Exactly

    Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني ;
    Hehee jibt ideeb min deelo ;P

    Shaheen ;
    Some finds that hard to do..

    Ahmad Hamdan ;
    And that what makes you wanting to be just like everybody else..

    اقصوصه ;
    رمضان كريم علينا وعليكم.. ربنا يتقبل إن شاء الله
    شكرا على المرور نورتي المدونه :)

    sfo ;
    Eventually it's all about being yourself :)

    مياسي ;
    هادا هوه مربط الفرس :)


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