Atari 2600

Yes I am talking about this old-school Video game.. I don't know why but it's been on my mind for the last three months..I talk about it whenever I see a-born-in-the 80s people..
Beside all the high-technology game devices nowadays..Sometimes I really miss this game..And I remember how many joysticks I’ve broke and how many times I traded games with my neighbors..My favorite game –can’t remember it’s name- was a plain that flies over the sea and shoots stuff –can’t remember what- and it can refill it’s diesel from a floating-in-the-air-gas-station..
I found on Wikipedia a list of  Atari 2600 Games that includes tons of them :)

And here is another one with more than one joysticks kind and a couple of games:

Thes two pictures brought many memory..Especially when we used to ni7jez door min ili 7ayil3ab awal w b aya shreet :)


  1. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh !!!!
    Zamaaaaaaaaaaaaaan 3anno El-Atari , kan elo hebeh jadd :D

  2. tofolti kanat ba2eseh ma kan 2endi wa7ad .. bas ba3ed hek intakamet O jebet kol jehaz momken) .. bas iam sorry i didnt have the father oF all ATARI..

  3. we had play PlayStation 2 , Nintendo , game boy and all that stuff and i never touch any of it coz i haaaatte electronic games ! it just makes my dizzy siblings was 3a door all the day ! el mawdoo3 ma kan b3neeni abadan :P

  4. they should put atari in museums :D

  5. LUNAR: Yes it's just special :)

    zuzikabdo: Yakhsara inak you haven't got the chance of living the Atari's experience.. Tab kan 3indak Family Game? What color ;) mine was red and white..Then my cousin broke it so we bought new one purple with yellow :)

    mais: hehe min al3aab ilyoom I only like Play Station 1 specially Crash and Tikken :)

    Jundi: :) hehehe fikra bardo.

  6. yes i had the red and white family .. with the gun as well ( shooting ducs)
    and tikken ohh my favorit .. no one can beat me if i choos to play with paul :)

  7. hehehehe i used to have one!!
    and i know this Plane game hehehehehe you have to fill it with Fule , good old games :D
    and i had white Family with the gun Zuzikabdo
    Mario and Tank are my fav :D


  8. o 5aleene atzakkar sho kano el kabsat ta3oon el atari ylle 3leha...

    fee wa7deh On OFF
    o tentain 3shan t2alleb el games Up And Down
    o wa7deh restart RIGHT? :D

  9. zuzikabdo: heheheh ya alla walla zakartni.. I7na kaman kan 3inna the shooting guy.. Bas kanat ilo3be ili 3ina inak itseeb itabaq itaa2er :) but the ducks my cousin had it :)

    Yazid: aywaaan hiye haay ili 3am a7ki 3anha :)
    Yes Mario, Tank and Contra were my favorite,,
    Homme ilkabsaat kano tinteen 3al yameen w tinteen 3al shmaal.. Kan fee
    w kabse bitsawi ilgame abyad w aswad -mish 3aarfe lee-
    w kan fee wa7de restart
    w iraab3a mish mitzakre esh kanat :)

  10. hello Rula :)

    i changed my blog's address cuz farah left it, here's the new one :)

    sorry bddi a3'allbek :P

    P.S wain la hll2 mo mbayyeneh :S


  11. The game with the airplanes and the river is called River Raid ! i used to be an atari freek myself ! :)

  12. thank you for the info..I really didn't know the game's name :)
    Welcome to my blog page.. It is nice having you here :)


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