I Saw An Article & Liked It - 5 Surprising Ways To Get More Energy

5 Surprising Ways To Get More Energy;


Need more energy? Here are some really surprising, non-caffeinated, ways to rev you up...

1. Change your socks. I know odd, right? I read about this one over at Zen Habits. The advice is to bring an extra pair of socks to work and sometime around 3 p.m. when you hit your slump, take off your shoes and socks (and maybe air out your feet for a sec if you have a private office; if you don't, that would be a nada) and then put a fresh pair of socks on. Voila! "You'll be amazed at how much fresher you'll feel," write the Zen Habits bloggers. "This trick is especially handy on days with lots of walking."

2. Rethink your workout time. If you tend to work out at night, it might be messing with your sleep. Here's why: Experts believe that people who work out too close to their bedtimes may flood their brains with stress hormones that can make it hard to fall asleep. A workout doesn't do a body good when it leaves you sluggish and exhausted the next day because it prevented you from getting enough sleep.

3. Eat chia seeds. Favored by the Aztecs for their energy-boosting qualities, you can add these little seeds (P.S. we're not talking about the Chia Pet here) to all kinds of snacks and recipes. Here's a chia seed muffin recipe that looks interesting.

4. Sniff some citrus. Past research indicates that citrus-scented essential oils or lotions can boost alertness. There, you have an excuse to shop for some grapefruit-scented lotion!

5. Get on your toes. If you're feeling sleepy at your desk, take the advice of Connie Tyne, executive director of the Cooper Wellness Program in Dallas, who says the best way to wake up your circulatory system is to roll up and down on your toes. "As the blood starts flowing, more nourishing oxygen and glucose are transported throughout your body -- so you feel more energized," said Tyne, to Quick&Simple.


  1. thanks for the advices :) seems they help while in office

    sometimes i read tips like these at workawesome.com

  2. Yea they are ok,,
    Ok I'll check that out tomorrow insha2alla :)

  3. cool stuff . but my best exercise is going out and smoking a cigg )

  4. Nothing better than a Cig with a Nescafe ;D

  5. lol i'll try them since my work till 5!
    i think i need to try to socks one hehe

    i like your blog rula :)
    keep up the good work


  6. Interesting! But it's gonna be wierd taking an extra pair of socks to work :D I'd go with the citrus and getting up thing!

  7. Yazid; Thank you & welcome to my page,,
    Yes try that and give me feedbacks about the result :)

    Ola; welcome to my blog page :)
    Well if you were alone in the office no one will notice or know about the changing of your socks ;)
    Citrus..Yummy..I think no one hates having them at anytime even at work.


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