Good News For Unemployed People :)

12 Jobs That Didn't Exist Until Recently;
It's interesting.. Wonder if these kind of jobs will be good deal in Jordan.. And really work out for people..


  1. tell now .. u have a valet and u can post during work .. awsome)

  2. Allaho akbaar!! :P
    Shukran.. I hope your work someday will provides you with these kind of stuff :)

  3. post while working .. thats the head of my blog)
    so i have got this thing )
    dont worry mesh 3am ba7sedek wallah :kol a3otho berab elfalak..

  4. :) hehehe,, hope you company will hire a Valet as 3eeedeet Eid Il7aaj :)
    & No I don't get notification when I post a comment on your blog page..

  5. oh thanx )))
    but my company is a stingy one .. my office is as small as a makeup vatrina, i only need a mirror infront of me o bet3ayed)))
    ... i dont get a notification on urs either!!!

  6. Hehe,,
    I'll try to fix it,, Thank you for attracting my eyes on that..

  7. طب أنا شغـّال حالياً
    بشملني هالعرض؟

  8. Naser: inta ostak ossa..Saklo bil akher ra7 tishtghel oshi mish b majal draastak :)

    sfo: la7e2 7alak w balesh 2adem :P


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