15 Facebook Friend Requests Within 40 Minutes!!!

Yesterday I was on facebook..Playing some games to kill boredom.. After..There was a page that I am fan of -I am not mentioning the name- I said: Oh they posted some pictures of Eid.. That would be cool to be viewed..

I was browsing the pictures.. One after on.. Some are nice.. Some you can call the moment of happiness.. I commented on one of the pictures in how nice it is.. Then logged out.. Went to prepare my dinner..
I logged in after a while to post some birthday greetings on my friend’s wall.. When the homepage opened I was astonished.. 15 friend requests!!!! Who could they be!! I clicked to see the requesters.. Oh I don’t know anyone from this long list.. I wondered.. Form where would this number of people suddenly come out?!! I looked at one of the requests.. It said ‘’ Hey.. You are the girl form –the page that I am a fan of- can we become friends?..

Many things I want to say.. Like I am an open-minded person and I do believe in making friends via - الشبكه العنكبوتيه - as my friend Naser says.. This incident is not even nearly like when you get tagged in a photo -for example;. Eid greeting card- and get 34123 notification 'cause everyone is posting replies for the tag.. Though it is annoying but I am ok with it..

'Cause 15 friend requests as a result for one comment!! Come on!! That is so lame!

Big chances that this kind of actions might get people holding in their thoughts and opinions and not sharing them so they don't get 15 Facebook friend requests within 40 min..

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