Before Saying Goodbye To 2009

In the past two day I've been surfing the net looking for an article or a video that summs up 2009 with all its aspects..Without a doubt Yahoo did a great job in their video along with additional links;
Top 10 Searches,, Farewells,, Sudden Fame,, Mad Science,, Obama In The House,, Market Darlings,, Financial Hangovers,, Bloggers Roll,, Tiger Woods, Most Searched Athlete,, A Year At The Movies: Screening Race..
And here is the the decade in just three minutes..
Happy New Year! May 2010 be filled with luck,, good health,, and love.. May all your wishes come true..


  1. Happy New Year To You Too :D

    May All Your Wishes Come True .. The Way u Want It TO Be ..

    2010 .. New Year .. and New beginning :D

  2. Thank you Farah.. Wishing the same to you too :)

  3. Happy new year to u too ya amarah :)

    Inshallah all ur dreams to come true, and all ur worries to disappear :D

  4. Thank you Whisper.. Winti w ahleek salmeeen ya rab w bsi7a w hana :)

  5. oh i missed it .. so happy this year for you :)

  6. Thank you zuzikabdo.. Happy New Year to you too..


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