David Letterman, Oprah Winfrey & Jay Leno Do Super Bowl Ad!

Actually David wanted Conan O'Brien to be in the commercial..


  1. That WAS cute, though I couldn't hear it because everyone was talking in the room. I thought it was very cool.

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  3. Marvin the Martian ;
    LoL yes I found it sweet :)

    Zuhair 3abdel Hadi Basha ;
    He is a latenight show presenter! You can watch his show on Youtube or if you have a ShowTime subscription.. The idea was that the commercial to include the 3 Latenight show presenters..

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  5. Who doesn't know Conan O'Brien?!!
    When you hear about a new name for some high-profiled guy you curiously Google it!! Willa?!
    Duh!! You said it,, and said you are form Jineen!

  6. Funny, i wish COCO(Conan) was in the ad instead of that thief(Leno), it would be more funnier or better him being there and mocking Leno

  7. It would've been one good combination :)


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