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It is ok to feel irrationally nervous when you have to go round the room and say your name and where you're form..

It is always difficult to have the perfect reputation at work... We can be crazy or boring, lazy or a suck-up, but we'll never conquer the middle ground...


  1. I hate those 12-step groups too! ;-))))

    Me: "Hello, my name is Marvin, and I'm a compulsive observer."

    (all, bored): "Hi Marvin."

  2. LoL at (all, bored): "Hi Marvin." :)

  3. I found it the best way to know each other. At the beginning of every semester I tell my students where I am from and make fun of my accent and ask them to tell the class their names and where they came from. I don't find it intimidating. Maybe in the work environment it is different.

  4. For me I like to know at least the names, and if it's a work meeting I like to know the jobs too BUT if the "where are u from?" means the Original country this is some thing will totally destroy my mood :S

    Halla2 about the reputation , in my work even u r an easy girl " sahleh" or " shayfeh 7alha"
    For me they usually go with the 2nd eputation :$
    "zolman wa bohtanan w7yatek" :(

  5. عقدة
    لإني كل مرّة بحكي المسمى الوظيفي
    بلاقي كل الوجوه مسنترة عليّه
    وبدي ساعة تا أشرحلهم
    فا من جديد صرت أختصر
    وأقول مخرج ومصور

  6. jaraad ;
    It depends on the colleagues and their personalities.. Some would look at you as your enemy since you almost share the same position..

    Whisper ;
    Where you're form means Which department..
    LoL 3aadi i7na al3arab bas wa7de ma ta3ti 3een la itaani 3ala tool bitseer shayfe 7alha.. Mish inhayimken mish tay2a wila m3asbe wila aslan ma sim3at..

    sfo ;
    عل أقل لقيت كلمة سهلة إلي حواليك يفهموها :)

  7. hello rula
    we'll never conquer the middle ground
    i liked this sentence, and i totally agree with u

  8. Sure! That is absolutely right!

  9. نادر احمد ;
    Thank you.. Yes through my work experience I found it very true.. For me people mostly portray me as the suck-up crazy..

    Anonymous ;
    :) Welcome to my blog page,, It was nice having you here..


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