Worst Thing!

It is a real disaster when you work in a company where the management itself is totally corrupted..


  1. absoulutly .. i usually do nothing for 8 hours !!! maximum i work for 2 hours...
    i feel my life is being waisted and no experiance it taken ..

  2. More worse is when you are given the opportunity to work in a company and given a good salary for a beginner and you get the sweat talk of we are great and once you work you realize you gain little experience from working there while your friends are gaining high experience than you.

  3. Gah, it's a soul-killing experience. That's why I like being a consultant. I get paid to visit such companies, do the work that their employees won't do, get paid well... and then I GET TO LEAVE. That's the best part. ;-)

    Thank you for visiting my little spot! I'll bookmark yours - I like your randomness and your color theme (even though I'm colorblind).

  4. BTW, loved your Spongebob b-day cake, and I really miss my Atari 2600 (I have bought the same games twice over for my PC and for my PDA). ;-)

  5. totally right!!
    i was working at this company!

    and i was doing nothing, and if something came in, they would like to tell me do this and do that, and they are not even a graphic designers!!
    crap! thank god i am not working there anymore!

  6. zuzikabdo ;
    I know exactly what you are talking about :)

    Ahmad Hamdan ;
    These days the true experience is what all are hunting ‘cause when you do other interviews in other companies they won’t ask you how many year you’ve worked at the x-company..They won’t bother.. They will make you do a couple of exams to know what you are really able to do..

  7. Marvin the Martian ;
    You are lucky to have this kind of job.. Performing real work indeed..
    I don’t mind having a mean colleague that I can avoid,, but on the other hand good management..
    What is the use when you have friendly team members but the management sucks and they give you hard time.. Eventually you will either go crazy or you will quit.. Both options are frustrating..
    Awe you are more than welcomed.. Thank you for bookmarking mine xD I’ve bookmarked yours as well :)
    A am sorry about your colorblind..
    We still have our Atari 2600 in the basement but it hasn’t been used since ever.. I haven’t think about searching for the games on PC.. I might give that a try soon :)

    Mohammed Zatari ;
    You know my first job was a total crap.. Doing nothing except watching videos on YouTube,, Facebooking and MSN chatting.. It was miserable..

  8. hello rula
    take it easy, everything is possible in our ( arab area) u should smile for everything,
    and always say (3adeeeee) dont think too much

  9. Nader ; Maybe you can take it for a year or two..But after that you won't be able of handling that..

  10. The problem they are every where :(
    it is sad ...


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