To The Loyal Fans Of Amr Diab

It's here.. The music video is finally here.. Today Amr Diab has released the music video of his song Ba'adem Albi from the latest album Wayah. The video will be played exclusively on Rotana channels, And of course you can watch it too on his YouTube channel.
xD Enjoy it..


  1. and i thought we have so many amr diab fans..(

  2. Howe fee kteer :) Specially in my family xD

  3. tayeb emnne7 :).. la2no a7san men '3ero bekteer .. omet3awdeen 3aleh men zaman :)
    kolhom zo2 ur family .. and u ofcourse xD

  4. Thank you :) I have mp3 CD contain all his songs.. Min ayam ma kan itilfizyoon ilmlawan new invention w 3aamle mino kaza copy 3ashan law 7ad salbato aw la sbain ma khireb yakoon 3indi back-up xD

  5. tab wallah forsa neshtereelna nos5ten talateh menek :)
    ana awal mara bashrab nescafe o ba3od 3ala elbalakoneh al ya3ni zay eli 3anjad .. kanat 3ala o'3nyet " o heya 3amla eah delwa2t "
    tab3an ana la kan fee heye walla batee5 )) .. bas hek 3ayesh eljaw ))


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