Switching Moods!

What a lovely weather Jordan is having this week.. Spring is almost here.. Defiantly it will be marvelous just like every year..
One of the best spring activities in Jordan is go photographing in Jerash,, you’ll get real fascinating artwork..

Can't wait till summer come.. Just close your eyes and relax.. Imagine yourself in Aqaba.. Walking on the beach and playing with the sand or maybe you are just chilling by the pool..

I am a summery girl I can't help it! :)


  1. I missed Jordan terribly :(

  2. I'll post some pictures of spring in Amman when I take them and I hope you feel little bit better after seeing them :)

  3. Finally we saw the sun...I'm a summery girl too and what I hate the most in winter is the timing issue :( no time to do any thing

    waiting for the pictures too :D

  4. أنا كاميرتي خربانة
    كيف بدي أستمتع بهالربيع

  5. Marvin the Martian :
    As soon as I start taking picture I'll post them :)

    Whisper :
    Yaaay ana w inti zay ba3ad xD ana kaman ma ba7ib ishita kteer mumel..
    Inshalla isowar jayeen soon :)

    sfo :
    ههههههه مانت بعمان يعني بتشوفو بث حي ومباشر :)
    إن شاء الله حيعجبوك الصور :)

  6. photography is a very nice activity .. jebteeeha wallah ..
    canon is the best for that with there semi professional cameras .. it makes great pics .. bas tab3an bel2a5er kolo berja3 lalmosawer .. waiting for ur pics :)

  7. This Weather Is amazing !! :D
    i feel like i need to fly when i see these colors of the spring out there :)

  8. zuzikabdo ;
    Wareena shatartak..Bima innak designer ad idinya :)

    Farah ;
    I totally agree :)

  9. allay ys3edek:).. ya3ni ana mesh ad eldenya .. as'3ar shway bas xD
    o ana ma ba3raf sho sho'3lek belzabt .. bas met2aked enek ya3ni la yoshaqo laki '3obar :)
    lama atla3 re7leh inshallah .. ba7awel a5odli akamen sora hek ..
    o eza ma a5adet soowar .. e3rafi eni designer fasfoos :))

  10. hello rula

    i love winter, and i love summer too, but to be honest i dont miss summer yet, coze the winter was too short, and that reflix how the climate change probleme became serious, ya rab yege kman sheta 3ashan neshta2 ll summer
    but if u go to north to take photos, dont forget to put it in ur blog

  11. zuzikabdo ;
    Yes go and take pictures I am sure yours will be gorgeous..
    aham ishi don't be lazy and get them.. I'll be waiting for them :)

    نادر احمد ;
    I bet today you are extremely happy :)
    Thank God for the rain.. I've heard it will last till Sunday.. Sure thing I'll post them as soon as I start taking pictures to the lovely Jordanian Spring :)

  12. kabseh 3al dababseh el yoom o embare7, mesh ader astanna la yebda el seif.. ma 3endek fekra..

  13. Maher Jilani ;
    :) hanat dayel two months


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