Extreme Makeover!

On her 75th anniversary Monopoly gets a makeover! Don't get too excited.. It is a ridiculous one.. They dumped the classic square board,, the metal tokens and the paper money and a banker.. And replaced them with a round shape,, plastic tokens and debit cards and an ATM..

I am saving my classic Monopoly for my future children..

Are you going to buy this new edition?


  1. Definitely NO...the feeling of holding fake money itself was the pleasure of this game...counting money and throwing it in the air like billionaires was the maximum pleasure for me

  2. LoLs so I wasn't the only one who did that xD

  3. Me too!!!

    I would NOT buy that. There are some icons that are best left untouched.

  4. Oh please. What a waste. And teachers and bankers complain that people don't understand money NOW. When you reduce it to tokens and an ATM, you're even more disconnected from money and how much you have and where it's going. Not a good change for such a revered cultural icon like Monopoly.

  5. NO .... I'm not going to buy it

    What is Monopoly without fighting on who is going to be the banker, without touching the fake money in ur hand and arranging the money in front of u

    I still have my classic Monopoly too :D

  6. creative and adaptive I would love to try it,
    we need westren unions too to be integrated

  7. Another childhood memory gets butchered

  8. I'm keeping my old classic one, I'd try this too though ya3ne.

  9. kinziblogs ;
    :) Sure thing..

    Marvin the Martian ;
    LoL when me and my brother were kids we used Monopoly’s money for various uses xD We even invented new games and used that money in them..

    Whisper ;
    Hehe exactly.. I still have mine too.. And I’ll save it for my kids :)

    Shaheen ;
    You sound enthusiastic about trying the new edition.. When you do please post your feedbacks ‘cause I am not going to buy or try it..
    Welcome to my blog.. It was nice having you hear :)

    Yes people do piss me off when they ruin these sweet childhood games..

    sfo ;

    Naser ;
    Sade2 7atta il game illi 3ala il PlayStation I didn't play it..

  10. na, I'll stick to the old original one I guess.

    nothing feels better than the fake monopoly money, and beg for me to borrow them some, actually, It's way better than the original money that I miss already hahaha

  11. Maher Jilani ;
    LoL at beg for me to borrow them some :)


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