9 Things!

Acting in response to the taging thingy.. These are some random stuff about me;

* I love wearing layers and I like my outfits to be colorful.. 4 colors as a minimum.. I would wear gray capri,, a pink top with a red one beneath it with purple and pink vans.

* Things that scare me;
-The dark.. I sleep with the lights on..
-The unstable-high-places.. I would never ride a roller coaster..
-I would never watch horror movies or listen to stories about ghosts and spirits..

* I LOVE nature and summer season.. Vacation to me means any place on a beach.

* I love all kind of sports,, specially running and swimming,, and I LOVE swimming in a cold water.. It is so refreshing.

* Music is my passion.. On my PC I have about 38 GB all music.

* I love reading celebrity gossips.

* I am a rule follower person,, and I like things to be neat,, clean and germs free.

* Can’t survive a day without my Cherry Labello and Nivea cream.. I have them in each one of my purses and in every room in the house :D

* My favorite number is 9.

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