Kate Gosselin Doing Dancing With The Stars!!

As Kate Gosselin has been media-whoring herself presuming she is a celebrity..She desperately got to join the new season of "Dancing With The Stars" cast..

Personally I would like to see her the first to leave the show!


  1. Hi, I know this sounds weird but someone retweeted this on Twitter so I thought "uh, it's the blogger" so I tried to follow you and it turned out you blocked me!! Now I wouldn't really care if someone blocked me but it made me wonder if you've been getting spam direct msgs from me, that's my concern because they could be getting to other fpeople I'm follwing. If it's for personal reasons then don't even bother to reply...

  2. Hi Ola.. Nawarti my Blog..

    A couple of months after I joined Twitter –spring 2009- I got many spam messages and replies.. So yes I am blocking many people.. I am sorry that you are one of the..

    To be sure on your side..Check your Twitter privacy settings.. 'Cause if I blocked you -Not for a personal reason- then yea most probably I got something from you..

    I'll see the blocked list and try to find you to unblock you.. Turned out that you are a normal person not a spammer..

    Thank you again for dropping by.. It was nice having you hear :)

  3. Well, that's a relief. My ego was shaken lol

    Oh crap!! Now I think how many people could've gotten those spam msgs on my behalf!!!

  4. Rula, I usually try to keep my mind free of this celebrity junk, but yikes, Kate gets blonder and the cleavage more revealed, it's a media-whore deal.

    The first time I saw that show I turned it off because she was so awful to her husband. If that was how she acted toward him on a reality show, what would she do or say to anyone else?

  5. She is a bad person with an ugly personality..


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