Golden Oldies!

These three songs -ones of my favorite oldies- have been running in my head since today morning..
La Tortura ,,
Love Profusion ,,
ليه بيداري كده ..

What are your favorite oldies that you wouldn't mind if they stuck in your head for the whole day?


  1. 1- i feel you
    2- la camisa nigra
    3- takabalo allah ya shaikh.. Its not a song.. But i would like to hear it all day long :)

  2. Awe I love La Camisa Negra.. Kunt a7es ma7ad bi3rafha illa kteer 2e2laal :)

  3. :) Perfect choice.. A lovely summery song.. It reminds me with pools they always play it there xD

  4. hello rula

    u know i am 33 now, so ... i am old fashion, and if i want to mention the song i liked, i think it is 300 not 3, but i can say everythings for kazem especially "elelah e7sas gareeb" and la isla bonita for madona, and harem for sarah brightman

  5. If it were limited to three, I would pick:
    Play That Funky Music White Boy by Wild Cherry
    Electric Avenue by Eddy Grant
    Victim of Love by Erasure

    I am especially susceptible to "earworms." I hate them. ;-)

  6. fade to black
    johnny be good
    ma Backer
    whole lotta love
    no woman no cry
    hotel California
    don't speak
    we will not go down

  7. نادر احمد ;
    هههههه صح كلامك،، الواحد مابيقدر يختار بس ٣ أغاني مفضلة.. بس لو كان في ٣ أغاني إنت ماعندك مانع يضلو عالقين براسك طول النهار هل حيكونوا ٣ من أجمل ما غنى كاظم :)
    Or Madonna's,, Sarah Brightman's and a third one?

    Marvin the Martian ;
    Great choice for Wild Cherry - Play That Funky Music xD

    sfo ;
    Nice collection :)


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