Wednesday, 10 March 2010

في المساء والسهر

بعتم الليالي .. وحدي لحالي .. و ما حدا
طل من قبالي .. بايدو ومالي ع الهدا

شفتو من بعيد .. ماشي وحيد
صار بعينيه .. يعطي مواعيد
و بسمه ع شفاف .. قالتلو وقاف
حدك مشيني والإيد بالايد

سوا تمشينا .. و نظرة عينينا ملبكة
شو حكيو علينا .. و لا اهتمينا بالحكي

وصلنا ع الدرب .. البتودي غرب
صار يغازلني .. و يحكي بالحب
قلي دلوعة .. قلتلو اوعى
وصارت مسموعه .. دقات القلب


  1. يا عيني عالروقان :)
    مساء الورد

  2. :) مــســاكــي فــل

  3. I was in Beirut when I heard this song for the first time,So at least for me, its tied with great memories and joyful time.

    I believe its one of the best songs in the last few years, Yara is amazing, her presence and angelic voice brings back the time of Arabs great singers,I always link her to Um kolthom and layla morad,

    thanks for rush of happiness at this very early morning.

  4. Shaheen ;
    :) Yes you are absolutely right.. It is one of the beasties.. I liked it's music the most and how the rhythm changes once it is slow then it become faster..
    You are more than welcomed.. Thank you for visiting my blog it was nice having you here :)