Thursday, 4 March 2010

Facial Fitness!

Eva Fraser throws in your arms the new substitute for plastic surgeries.. It is called Facial Fitness Exercises Program.. She explains -your face contains muscles,, work them and they will lift your face- in her book Eva Fraser's Facial Workout (Penguin Health Care and Fitness).. 
On Eva's web site you can find the exercises with a tutoring video..

-Born in 1931-
Shes is 79 but looks around 60

I am definitely telling mom about it :)


  1. nothing better than natural approach..
    she looks cute :)

  2. She really looks younger :D
    I'm going to tell mama about it too :)

    Thanks RuRu

  3. Yes she does.. I loved this program.. Brilliant :)
    3afwan 7abeeebti xD

  4. lol... she looks younger than me
    allah yew3dna we nser

  5. lol... she looks younger than me
    allah yew3dna we nser,i will train (faces body building) as she does, i will do my best to be like her