Quick Tips!

Some quick tips from Howcast Channel;

* Want your lipstick last longer.. Put foundation on your lips before applying color..

* You can keep necklaces from getting tangled up in your jewelry box.. String one end of a thin-chained necklace through a drinking straw,, and then attach the clasp..

* Clean artificial flowers quickly and easily.. Put them in a paper bag with a cup of salt,, fold it closed,, and shake; the dirt will fall right off..

* Sharpen kitchen shears with aluminum foil in no time.. Stack seven or eight sheets of aluminum foil and cut through them several times with your scissors..


  1. I had no idea you could sharpen scissors that way. I will have to try it.

  2. Wow I love all the tips :D

    #2 I'm suffering from that a lot :$

    #4 this is some thing new, I'll try it soon :D

    thanks for sharing the tips with us :D

  3. Thank you all.. Sharing is caring xD
    About number 4 I tried it with my nail-clipper and it is actually more sharp now..

  4. yaaay :D nice tips .... I like the first one the most and I'll try it


  5. Thanks for the nice tips!!!! Yes, foundation works!! i used to be a make up artist for lancome! wonderful!

  6. SimSim ;
    You are more than welcomed..Glad you found them useful :)

    Texan in UAE ;
    Thank you for the visit it was nice having you all here..


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