Match Your Workout To Your Personality!

When you want to get back in shape and you are feeling ready to start working out again but you find yourself in a dilemma in not being sure what type of workout you should go for? Click here for some help..

According to your personality;
*Classic Type-A personality — Sign up for an intense spin class.. If you’re really hardcore, pack yourself off to fitness boot camp..

*Social Butterfly — Get a workout partner for walk,, runs,, bike rides or tennis games..

*Indoors Type — Bond with other merry misfits by joining an ironic kickball..

*Nature Nut — Try the trail running or hiking in the hills,, or feel the flow in a trace dance class..

*Spontaneous — Break through boredom with cross-training,, switching up your workouts every other day..

*Real Lazy — Start with baby steps..Play video games that get you moving -Like Wii Fit- You got to start somewher..


  1. I tried the Wii before and yes it is really effective :)

  2. i blieve that every person on earth must go to a gym ..

  3. Well.. It is a healthy thing.. But sometimes you get into work so much that when you go home you only wanna watch something on TV then sleep.. Day by day you'll get lazy to go back to that healthy routine.. Hiye heek il ossa :)

  4. :) tayeb balash gym la3ad .. 5ali kol wa7ad mashi wo kersho odamo.. wajaha bardo :))

  5. La2 tab3an.. Ilwa7ad bi7awel yi3mal ili bi2dar 3alee lay7afez 3ala si7to..

  6. bravo :)
    and i agree on the wii .. its realy cool btw :)

  7. My favorite workout is walking, Does this make me a Social Butterfly?? :D

    I'm with Zuhair, I never committed to exercises till I registered in a gym :)

  8. Me too I love walking.. Lsn jad lazem yoon nzabetHa nitla3 ntimasha bil manti2a :)

  9. :) I am the Social Butterfly,, Mostly..


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