The Art Of Sleep On A Plane!

Do you travel a lot and face problems in sleeping during your flight.. Here is the solution.. Now You Can master The art to sleeping in a sitting position..


  1. lol i never had this problem :D
    my flights were about 50 min .. and i always manage to have a 30 min nap :)
    but once i had a 4 hours flight and strangly i couldnt slreep .. so next time i'm travelling i will watch the video again xD

  2. Rula, LOL, my number one rule for sleep on the plane: don't travel with children. Check them as baggage. (NO! I didn't mean that! ;)

  3. hmmmm , should try it one day.. although my flights are almost 2 hours not more ;p

  4. Now sleeping on a plane is an art !!
    I know one thing,if im really feeling sleepy,nothing can stop me even a plane's engine :D

  5. Just @ Sh3rawi, (can I have what u have plz :P)
    Send it as attach. no worris.


  6. There is no art or trick here. Some people can sleep as soon as they sit on the seat. Others, like myself, can never sleep in an airplane :(

  7. I use a neck pillow on flights of more than 2 hours. The rest of the time, I just jam myself up against the window and desleepth a stiff neck when I wake up. But I can sleep anywhere. I can sleep standing up (and I have). Sleep is easy. I feel so badly for people (like my darling wife) who seem not to be able to sleep at all.

  8. Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني ;
    :) whn you do psot your feedbacks

    zuzikabdu ;
    mahowe heek laman tkoon jad bidak tnaam ma buzbot ma3ak :/

    kinzi ;
    LoLz I loved the idea xD

    J A Y S ;
    :) Yea do it and tell me how did it go..

  9. Sh3rawi ;
    Yes it is.. I have the talent of falling sleep at any place.. Though once I had a 9 hours flight and I couldn’t sleep more than 40 minutes :S

    jaraad ;
    If you are going to work on the next day you have to get some sleep on the plain otherwise you’ll do it in the office..
    These days I can sleep immediately any place.. Even if I’m travelling by bus :)

    Marvin the Martian ;
    Yes I would never travel without my neck pillow.. such a great invention..
    Lolz @ I can sleep standing up (and I have)

  10. lol
    i love this

    gna try a few on my next plane ride!

  11. Thank you,, It was great having you here :)


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