Albert Einstein once said; The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.. I guess these have no limits..
Just before leaving you with stuff below.. I want to know what is the stupidest thing you have ever done,, said or even wore?

Stupid Haircuts

Stupid Shoes

Stupid Car

Stupid Drunck People

Stupid Clown

Stupid Mugshot

Stupid Glasses

Stupid Hat

Stupid Labels


  1. مرحبا رولا
    بوست روعة والله ، كتير بضحك
    زكرتيني بحكمة بتقول
    إذا كان العلم بحرا فالتياسة محيط
    شكرا كتير على البوست :)

  2. OMG those are great!

    I have done so many stupid things, I have lost count. Seriously.

  3. "dont use during earthquake"
    hmm....wait a minute...i think maybe i can do it...!!! hmm...

  4. نادر احمد ;
    أهلا فيك والله نورت المدونه
    ههههههههههه أظن الشركه كلها سمعتني وأنا بضحك على المثل هادا,,أول مره أسمعو :)

    Marvin the Martian ;
    :) Glad you liked them..

    Dr.Mohammed ;
    Kullo wala don't use Microwave for drying pets!!
    Allah la yjeeb earthquakes :)

  5. i loved the shoes seriously .. once my motto was : excellence is to do the common in an uncommon way :)

  6. loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool !!!!
    Stupidity fe3lan ! :P

  7. hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you just made my day with the ""caution, stupid kids crossing"". A7la rula!!

    The stupidest thing I've done? I mean ever? hmm.. Assuming that my new mobile is water proof. It wasn't.

  8. zuzikabdo ;
    3alee il3awad..

    Farah ;

    Maher Jilani ;
    Sallamto your phone.. Glad I helped in bringing your good mood back to you :)

  9. LOOOOL love it :D

    I miss u soooooo much

    And it seems that I missed a lot here :(

    mal7o2 inshallah :D

  10. Missed you more abu garabah :)
    No worries il blog mawjood w ta7t tasarofek bi2aya wa2t xD

  11. 9ara7a post min el a5er
    6ag6ago 3'6ame me elthe7ek

  12. :) aham shee tkoon hayaset xD nawart ilmodawane


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