More 3Ds!

I had no doubts that all upcoming Animation movies will be in 3D.. Starting with Toy Story 3 that will be at the movies this June..
However what I am excited about is that even hardcore action movies will be made in 3D too..
Saw VII is set to be released at the end of October in 3D.. And on September we will watching Resident Evil 5; AfterLife in 3D.. Can you imagine how awesome that will be..

I guess in 2014 all movies will be 3D especially after inventing the 3D TVs..


  1. 3D movie is awesome invention , i watched Avatar in 3D and it was unbelievable! i don't think i will enjoy any 2D movies anymore.

    for 3D TVs i don't think we will see it soon , ya they are a lot out there , even there are laptops with 3D ready screens , but they are costly add to that you have to had special glasses too , so imagine if your frineds coming over to watch a movie using your 3D Tv , you will be like "hey! guys , dont forget to bring your glasses with you, if you dont have one; buy one it will cost you not more than 200 $ " !!! for me nope i will not come!!

  2. Yes 3D TVs are expensive.. But for some who spend much time watching TV and don’t mind the cost it will be one of the greatest inventions ever..
    I didn't watch Avatar.. Yes yes I know ra7 3alayi kteer ashya2.. But I just didn’t like it.. I watched 15 minutes from it and didn’t like it.. I watched Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs and Alice in Wonderland and I loved them :)

  3. You know, 3D movies are nothing new. They have been around since the 50's. They keep coming back in waves and dying out time after time.
    I wouldn't say "All" upcoming movies will be 3-D mainly because 3-D adds nothing to the story. After the original fascination subsides, you end up with a pair of goggles on your face.

    Do you want to be walking around the house with those while watching the idiotic 3-D TV?

    3-D is nice from time to time, but it's not a substitute for good film making and excellent plots, acting and story. I would argue that Avatar would have still enjoyed the same level of success without 3-D since 3-D ads nothing to the story, drama, quality of action, or creativity of the effects.

    I'm not sure if 3-D are here to stay, or if they will die out like they did in the 50s, 70's, 80's. One thing I know for sure, not everything needs or deserves to be in 3-D!

    You know, back when I was a kid, I had this 3-D comic book. It was hilarious, I'm just glad no one decided to continue with that trend

  4. OMG, Resident Evil 5 - I can't wait!

  5. i thought they already played toy story 3.. !

  6. I'd like to see Toy Story in 3D

  7. صح التطور والابتكارات هاي حلوة ... لكن بتزيد الحمل على دماغنا

    يعني مش رح نقدر نتحمل كل هاللود بعد هيك

    خصوصي انه ال3دي بعمل وجعة راس مش طبيعية
    واكيد انتي جربتي افاتار ... يعني ما بتلحقي تستوعبي كل المشاهد وبتتعبي صراحة وانتي عم تشوفي بالفلم

    تقبلي مروري

  8. I watched Avatar in 3D and at the beginning they show a commercial for Toy Story 3 , defiantly a lovely movie and a must seen one :D

    But for Saw VII nooooo neeeed :$ its disgusting in the normal way 1D

  9. I think Avatar is what set the 3D business really going.

    Can't wait to see Toy Story 3! =D

  10. Qwaider قويدر ;
    I didn’t watch Avatar.. I only watched like 15 min of it on a DVD..And didn’t like it..
    My friends told me that I didn’t like it ‘cause I didn’t watch it in the movies in 3D and that I missed all the 3D magical effects and didn’t get to feel the delightful in 3D
    So based on many people’s opinions and reviews I would say 3D do add things to the movie..
    Sometimes these small additions do make huge differences..
    And if you are enjoying the movie you will totally forget about the goggles on your eyes and won’t feel them..
    Of course you won’t walk around the house wearing the 3D goggles!! It is Just like when my mom finishes reading the newspaper she takes off her reading glasses.. You will do the same when you aren’t watching the 3D TV..
    I have strong believes that someday all the movies will be made n 3D..More fun and more incoming money.. In Amman 3D movie ticket in 8 JD while regular movie is 5 or 6 JD..

    Marvin the Martian ;
    I'll skip Saw but defiantly I'll watch Resident Evil..

  11. zuzikabdo ;
    No it will be released on June 18th..

    hamdanism ;
    Yes I think it is gonna be really awesome..

    Ahmad M. Al-Mahrouq ;
    لا والله ما شفت افاتار.. أحكيلك أنا ايش بضل أعمل.. خلال الفيلم بضل اشيل النظرات عن عيوني وأشوف كيف الفيلم بدونهم بعدين برجع بلبسهم.. مش عارفه ليه يعني :)
    أهلا وسهلا فيك.. نورت المدونة :)

  12. Whisper ;
    Abu Garabah xD
    :) Yes I loved Toy Story 1 and 2 and I am sure 3 will be another success to the sequel,,
    About Saw 7.. I won't watch it -bti3rafini jabane wma ili 3ala horror movies- bas Resident Evil 7aykooon khuraafi :)

    M ;
    I guess since it was the earliest one in 3D
    Yea I’ll be waiting for Toy Story as well :)

  13. Saw in 3D? I can barely stomach 10 minutes of it in 2D with on an 11 inch screen 300 feet away!

    Some stuff really should not be made in 3D

    (I wonder what The Ring would have been like in 3D though, when she burst out of the TV set..)

  14. Didn’t think about that! I presume she will come out from the TV and sit besides us xD

  15. بدي أحظر ريزدنت إيفل


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