First Hamdanism and then Whisper and now me.. Here are 29 random things you didn't know about me.. 29 things not 25 'cause I talk too much and 9 is my favorite number xD

1. My favorite fruits are.. Apple,, Banana and Grapes..

2. I still play hide-and-seek with my brother and cousins..

3. Life taught me in its hardest way not to take friends for granted..

4. I am the youngest one in my family..

5. I don't like waking up early unless there was a real good reason for it such as hitting the beach or a road trip..

6. My most favorite music eras are the years 2000-2001 and 2006-2007..

7. I won't survive a day without internet specially YouTube..
8. My favorite animals are Zebra and Giraffe..

9. I am very neat.. And I like to give my clothes special care and treat.. You would never find any of my cloths placed on the floor or hanged on a chair.. Never ever..

10. Green is always my favorite color.. People tell me that wearing green and Tirkwaz tops make my eyes pop..

11. I am a natural blond.

12. I have the worst memory ever..

13. People had treated me like a Barbie when I was at university which pissed me off the whole 5 years..

14. I wanted to name my car Tokyo.. But Paris sounded prettier and more feminine..

15. My favorite cartoon characters are SpongeBob and Dexter's Laboratory..

16. I have Blue-Green eyes.. Though when I was a child they were pure blue..

17. I've read Majed Magazine till age 14..

18. I've been wearing red shades since 2001.. I only started wearing green ones three years ago..

19. I enjoy working on photo-editing programs,, creating Phone themes and ringing tones..

20. I love taking pictures of the important people in my life..

21. I would never stab a friend in the back.. Never ever..

22. I am a social butterfly.. I like making friends.. Friendships are something precious for me..

23. When I was in high school.. Backstreet Boys and Boyzone were my favorite boys bands,, Spice Girls and Atomic Kitten were the most liked girls bands and Aqua was the best.. 

24. Through blogging and twitter I made many new nice friends and discovered that I and Whisper are relatives! Sub7analla :)

25. I love walking bare-feet in the house as well as in our backyard..

26. I am allergic to menthol.. I know it's weird.. People use it to recover from flu!!

27. I wish someday I can live in Jamaica or Hawaii..

28. I would never plug any electric device in electricity.. That is too horrifying for me..

29. Naser_k is the one who encouraged and pushed me to start blogging.. Many thanks to you my dear friend..

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