Quick Tips (Part 3)

More quick tips from Howcast Channel;

* Measuring honey without the mess.. Coat the cup with nonstick cooking spray or a thin layer of vegetable oil before adding the honey,, and it will slide right out..

* Gloppy nail polish.. Store bottles in the refrigerator,, which will help them maintain their color and consistency..
* Cake gone stale.. Prevent future dry-outs by brushing the layers with simple syrup or liqueur before you frost them..

* Pen leak again.. Steep a tea bag.. When it’s cool enough to handle,, wipe it over the ink stain and watch it disappear..

Saying “I love you” with cupcakes.. Fill paper liners halfway with batter,, stick a marble between the liner and the side of the tin,, then finish filling..

* Heal dried out elbows and feet by rubbing a thick layer of diaper rash cream on the area..


  1. Gunpowder keeps better in the fridge, also. ;-)

  2. most of my shirts have ink on them .. ur advice might come in handy :)

  3. Marvin the Martian ;
    lol lkay as you say so :)

    zuzikabdo ;
    olli laman tjaribhom deal?

    eshda3wa ;
    Yea.. Try Sudocrem.. Really excellent one..


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