A unique British vocalists "Deborah Anne Dyer",, she is better known by the name Skin..
One of the reasons that I like listening to her music besides her lovely voice is that she reminds me with my sister who is currently living in Riyadh - KSA.. Especially with her song Carmen Queasy,, I remember it was 2000 and my parents were in Riyadh and only us -I, my sister and my brother- were in Amman.. Those were days filled with the sweetest memories and activities with my cousins..
Faithfulness was recorded in 2003 and it had many remixes,, one of them was made by Tiesto..


  1. Hello There =)

    Actually , It's my first time with this singer , I never heard of her !!

    But I've seen the videos now :D I don't think I like that type of singing , although her voice is lovely !

    I tend to like Rough voices! >.<

    Anyways , It's always nice to relate a memory with a song =) or a singer ,

    I remember I had my share with that .. ,

    Like, The Song Coco Jumbo ! It's like really old! and dusty =D but it reminds me of a memory "when I was a kid" that I'll never forget

    I hope you meet your sister ,and catch up with her =)


  2. مرحبا رولا
    أنا بصراحة ما سمعت فيها من قبل، بس راح اسمعلها لأني بثق بزوئك، يمكن حكيتلك زمان إني بحب تصميم مدونتك، كتير متناسقة ومرتبة،وهاد بدل على زوئك الرفيع، فعلا هي الأغاني ذكريات
    شكرا رولا

  3. J u d e ! ;
    Hello you!
    Me too.. I love this kind of voices..
    Yea.. Every song I know is related with someone and combined with a memory..
    Coco Jumbo is a sweet song :)
    Hopefully she comes over in summer..
    Really thank you for your sweet words.. You are so adorable..

  4. أهلين نادر.. نورت :)
    الله يسلم عمرك.. كلك زوق..
    أنا كل أغنية بعرفها مرتبطه بذكرى معينة أو شخص معين..
    المدونه وألوانه
    مقدمه :)
    شكراً على تعليقك..

  5. I will have to check her out.

  6. هي بعدها عايشة

    صوتها جميل
    بس ما بسمعلها

    شكلها غير مريح
    مع إنه ثوري

    في كمان واحد أسمر
    إسمه سلييد
    هظاك مشموط سيف بوجهه
    بس برظو صوته وسيم
    بس أكيد مش مثله

  7. I'm not into music in general :$
    and I know few songs I heard them while my brother driving or while he is doing some thing on the PC

    Take care "qarabah" :P

  8. sfo ;
    ,,اه لساتعا موجوده
    :) أنا بحب الأصوات القويه برضو
    ..ههههه اه عرفتو

    Whisper ;
    :) نورتي قرابتي

  9. i never heard of her
    but i will check her out !


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