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Feeling bored and not in the mood for hanging out with your friends?
It is one of those days.. Been there.. It is okay.. I've watched,, done some researches and read lots of reviews of movies in order to arrange a 2010 hit list.. Movies you'll enjoy watching on DVD.. The list contains all movies kinds.. Action,, Adventure,, Animation,, Family,, Comedy,, Drama,, Horror,, Mystery,, Romance,, Thriller..
And now enjoy them..
Alice In Wonderland
Bitch Slap


  1. I am waiting for Alice In Wonderland, just to see the magnificent johnny depp as Mad Hatter.

    Sherlok Holmes was my favourite for 2009

  2. Ahmad Hamdan ; Me too I am sure it is going to be stunning,, I saw Sherlock Holmes and it was AWESOME too I strongly recommend it..

    zuzikabdo ; Yes there are more movies.. but these are the ones that I am sure they will be found in any DVD store :)

  3. I just want u to know that I return to ur list when ever I want to download a movie :D

    Done for The Men Who Stare At Goats and Sherlock Holmes :)

    I downloaded From Paris With Love but didn't watch it yet :)

    thanks ya amar

  4. xD good to know I helped you with that.. When you see ‘From Paris’ send me your reviews though I am sure it is going to be amazing.. walaw mahowe John Travolta :D


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