It is the end of the month..I am reducing expenditure.. No eating out neither ordering in..
At these times I really appreciate Tandoomi -Andomi- I like calling it by that name.. It is yummy and fast to prepare.. Sometimes I invent new recipes with it just for fun.. I added Ketchup beside some sausages once.. I tried sweet soy sauce..Other times eggs with some veggies.. Generally the results were good.. Though from my personal experience the most important ingredient to make it yummier is a squeeze of lemon!..

A picture apparently done by someone who is an artist or really bored.. -it is supposed to be Amy Winhouse-


  1. ohh .. yes i think lemon goes perfectly with it .. thanx :)

  2. looool ...
    actually indomi is so yummmyyy i love it !!
    it helps me survive the hunger when i am not into home food !
    i eat it the way it is .. i dont usually add many things .. coz if i wana add i prefer creating my own recipe as i usually do :D

    Enjoy It .. and Have a Good Day

  3. zuzikabdo; you can’t imagine how much I love sour food.. My favorite all the time.. It runs in the family..At summer bnitla3 3al jneene ana w okhti w binla2et laymoon 3an ishajara w bnish2a7ha w bnakolha ma3 male7 mmmmm yummy xD

    Farah Batarneh ; Indeed bit7il il azme laman ma ykoon ilghada 3ajbek :D
    Adding to tandoomi I like Mac & Cheese too :)

    مواطنون بلا حدود ; Iza ana ju3t while writing the post xD

  4. wallah somw how u reminded me of bomali :) zaaaakii.. e7na 3ena shajar lamoon beljnene .. bas mesh 3am betal3 aktar men 7abtain besaneh )...

  5. Hahaha shaklo mit2aser bil azme il iqtisadiye xD

  6. mazboot lemon goes well .. bardo tomato sauce .. soy sauce as well .. bas mushkilto ma bishabbi3 .. u get hungry soon after ..

  7. I'll give the tomato sauce a try and I'll post my review :)
    Jad!! Howe a7keelak sirr.. I make 3 packs xD

  8. hehehehheehe endomyyyyy :D
    hay el akleh lal nas el mesta3jeleh dayman zayye hehehe its easy fast delicious! :D

  9. Haha , the picture is amazing btw ;p I'd say he's someone bored xD
    actually I'm cutting off on junk food too , we're actually in a vacation and mom is a hard worker , so she has no time to cook right now :P I'm getting fatter this vacation lol , I would do the same and eat Andomi , but I hate it :( thanks for sharing anyway :P its great to hear from you =)

  10. .. i have to say this ... all this noodles are very fatening .. its not the right choice ..!!

  11. yufadal ykoon spaghetti sauce mish il tomato sauce il 3adi .. u can do tomato sauce 3adi bas spaghetti sauce azka :D

  12. J A Y S ;
    Hehe that is possible,, If you hate it try inventing new things with it.. You might like it afterwards :)

    zuzikabdo ;
    Seriously!! Hiye wa2afat 3al Andomi ya3ni!!

    Jundi ;
    Thank you for clearing the spaghetti sauce issue :) wila ibsar keef kan til3at :)
    Tonight I'll have that for dinner xD

  13. Jundi :
    Thank you so much for the idea of using spaghetti sauce.. Til3at Kteeeeeeeeeeeer zakye xD

  14. Now THAT is cool. Food art! I like it.

  15. Marvin the Martian ; Sure thing and thank you for dropping by :)


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