Lie, Lie, And Lie Some More!

This is an opening for a Food Makeup Artist in a leading company!

Yes!! Of course there is such a job..It’s location mostly is in the backstage of making a food advertisement..Its duties are mainly making food -for example- burgers and fries look more eyes-catching, hard to resist, enormous and yummier..

So..You still work your a** off trying to get that same final look?!!


  1. So where can we apply? I would't mind such a job frankly if it pays good.:)

  2. LoL it was only for demonstrating purpose :)

  3. There was a time when I had a burger that looked just like the photo, and tasted incredible. It was a McDonald's and it took them around 12 minutes to give me the order, but it was worth it

  4. it seems that nothing is perfect ... so from 8 tell 4 .. and no food at all ... what does the emplyees do to to silence there hunger ?

  5. KJ ; Lucky you.. In Amman they deliver your order quickly but it never like looks like the picture :)

    zuzikabdo ; Actually 9-5 and I always have cookies in my drawer xD

  6. Wel as they say about us;
    إذا كان الصخر والزمان ضدي فأنا نابلسي أحب التحدي


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