Unusual January First!

We are just like everyone..We have traditions for January first..

We start the day with -mana2eesh- for breakfast.. Then -Mlokhiye- for lunch -3ashan tkoon santna khadra- and we end the day with a home-made vanilla cake along with green tea..

This year mom isn't with us here in Amman..She is visiting my sister in Riyadh..
So it was unusual first day..

The breakfast was –jubne kiri- and Nescafe,, For lunch me, my brother and my two cousins had lunch together -home-made-burgers- It was yummy and we had fun preparing it and eating together..Still..It wasn't the usual..

I skipped the last part -the evening part- due the food coma I suffered from after lunch and slept from 7:30 till 10:30.. Woke up,, called my friend,, checked my emails,, then slept again till today morning.. I feel dizzy and not myself..

Today my aunt invited us for lunch at her house.. Hope I’ll feel better later today..
For 1/1/2011 I defiantly want to have our traditional first day..


  1. sa7tain...change is good - except the food coma part -
    hope this new year will bring you and your family joy and happiness
    wo I liked the idea of (saneh khadra) I think I'll start following it from next year ;)
    Happy 2010

  2. lol i usually have 3 food commas every day .. and u ahve nice traditions btw .. simple yet meaningful :) ths big question is what we will do at 2012..

  3. التغيير حلو
    بس أكيد مش بغيبة الوالدة
    ربنا يديمها فوق روسكوا

    إعتبروا هالعادة تم تأجيلها شوية
    وأول ما ترجع الوالدة على خير وسلامة
    إعملوا مناقيش وشاي إخظر
    وملوخية بالأرانب

    بس لا تنسي أهم شي


  4. مواطنون بلا حدود ;
    Sometimes change is good.. Bas mish b heek ishi :)
    Jad! Mom 3adatan bitsawi Mlokhiye aw Sabanekh..Anything grren :)
    Happy New Year to you too :)

    zuzikabdo ;
    Thank you :)
    I don't care for 2012 as long as I have the same traditions xD

    sfo ;
    Tislam.. Alla la yi7rem 7ad min ahlo khasatan b heek aw2aat,, Sa7 walla :) wallahi inak jibtHa w mukafa2a inak a3teetni hal fikra ra7 akol 3anni w 3annak ;P
    Bitnawerna walla :)

  5. First of all inshallah bterga3 5alto belsalameh w t3awedkom 3an halyoum :D

    about the green thing, we have some thing like this put at el 3eed lazem ykon 2a5dar :D

    I like the idea and I may do it with my family :D

  6. يا ستي بتموني
    وصحتين وعافية

  7. Whisper ; Alla ysalmek ya rab,, Inshalla..
    Feel free to do it with your family :)

    sfo ; xD 3ala albak


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