My 2010 Resolutions

** For this year my resolutions are; **

1. Lose 5 KG as a minimum and gain my flexibility along with going to the gym or buying those dumbbells I've been put off for 4 months..
2. Do Umrah..
3. Stop being afraid if I stayed home alone..
4. Fasting Mondays..
5. Work on my character and make it stronger..
6. Control my temper..
7. Do the vocals for a Trance song - Karaoke night would be fine..
8. Save some money..


  1. Good luck...for me its...
    - Hajj (enshallah)
    - Saving money
    - Start my own business (Enshallah)
    - Perhaps a baby? (who knows)
    - Loosing weight (much much more than 5 kgs :D )
    - Learn foreign langauge (French or Italian)
    - start building my own house
    enshallah i can do them all...but honestly I'll be grateful if I manage to do 50% of them

  2. a7laa rula .. walllah bravo .. ther is nothing i like to hear more than ppl wanna make diet .. being healthy is the way to go..
    and good luck with the rest of things .. but i didnt get the trance song vocals ?..

  3. مواطنون بلا حدود ;
    Lovely resolutions,, Inshalla you'll do more than 50%

    zuzikabdo ;
    I'll try my best to get them done :)

    Broad term referring to trance with a full set of lyrics, which may or may not be any of the above genres. Often an artist will borrow a singer's talents as opposed to the singer himself or herself, or sample from/remix more traditional pop music.

    Noticeable artists;
    Dance Nation,, 4 Strings,, Above & Beyond,, Fragma,, Armin van Buuren,, Chicane,, Faithless,, ATB..


  4. thanx for the info.. iam an expert now :))
    but the question is still there .. ))
    do u want to write or sing ?

  5. Do the vocals ya3ni sing! I wanna do that in soem Karaoke Night..

  6. karaoke .. mm so i think u dont need to work on number 5 on ur Resolutions list :)
    i wish i have a good voice .. like strong and smooth ... (maskool)bas la .. sot sarsoor alail lesa a7la..

  7. Good for u ya amar

    We have nearly the same resolutions :)
    1,2,4 "allay y2aderna" ,6 :S and 8 :D
    and I will add READING I have to read more this year :)

    Good luck ...

  8. A Monday passed, did you fast? :)

  9. zuzikabdo ; 7amdulila mission accomplished for number 7 :)

    Whisper ; Hehe everyone smiled at number 8 xD

    KJ ; 7amdulila mission accomplished :D


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