Words Of Success!

Step up your effort,, Don't second guess yourself,, take a risk! And you will have the guts to accomplish whatever you want..


  1. last time i did this i end up loosing some cash ))

  2. Hahahahahahahahahahahaaaa.. Looking at the bright side..Mission accomplished and you achieved something xD

  3. i still feel oreo maddness ))
    it was delicious .. tomorrow i am getting falafel for lunch)

  4. Very nice...

    I'm trying to apply that in my life...hope sooon I stop trying and start acting :(

  5. zuzikabdo ; Falafel..One place..Abu Jbara Share3 Makke :)

    Whisper ; Inshalla..Alla y2aweeeki :)

  6. balash yteero el 150000 ))ana kan hada makani elmofadal .. bas abel yomeen ro7et .. o kan fe akamen tawlah fadyeh .. fa ro7et a3od .. aam ajali wa7ad masri o 7akali aal abel ma to3od roo7 3end mdeer elsalah .. fa ya sety ro7et 3ala madad .. welala bes2alni elzalameh .. akam sha5es ? oltelo wa7ad... am all aaa .. tayeb stanalk 10 dakayek ... !!!! .. fa ana wala3at ma3ay .. oltelo mafashartoo kolha 7abtain falafel 3ala eash elfalsafeh ??? tab3an ana oltelo hek b3a2li bas )).. elmohem 7amalet 7ali o ro7et .. 3ala elkal7a be3abdoon .. o ya3ni gesas hek o hek ))

  7. ahh sory fakaret abu jbara share3 elmadeaneh ))

  8. I hate the one in share3 il madeeene..Very rude waiters..


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