Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Who Likes Driving In Fog!

No one does.. But here are some advice that will keep you more safe..


  1. thanx this is very handy for me .. cos i think i live in the fogiest spot in amman, once i couoldnt see my hous enterance!!
    actually i think ther is a bermuda triangle under my hous )) dont tell anyone )

  2. Hehehehee law oltili min zamaaan kan ba3atilak kteeeeeeeer nas 3ashan yikhtifo xD
    Ok your secret is safe with me -don't depend on that- :P

  3. I love driving in fog, All what you have to do is open the flashers and low lights and drive slow.

    Driving in the fog gives me a feeling that I'm to nowhere, And i just love it.

  4. lol ..i think they will disapear along with my deodorants ))

  5. and dont send me any girls ... cos i will disapear then ))

  6. Ali ; Maybe this is why I don't like driving in fog.. 'cause I don't like this feeling of don't know where are you going..
    Welcome to my blog..It was nice having you here :)

    zuzikabdo ; Hehehee itamant they won't be girls.. Just a bunch of stupid people..Example; my x-manager