Who Likes Driving In Fog!

No one does.. But here are some advice that will keep you more safe..


  1. thanx this is very handy for me .. cos i think i live in the fogiest spot in amman, once i couoldnt see my hous enterance!!
    actually i think ther is a bermuda triangle under my hous )) dont tell anyone )

  2. Hehehehee law oltili min zamaaan kan ba3atilak kteeeeeeeer nas 3ashan yikhtifo xD
    Ok your secret is safe with me -don't depend on that- :P

  3. I love driving in fog, All what you have to do is open the flashers and low lights and drive slow.

    Driving in the fog gives me a feeling that I'm to nowhere, And i just love it.

  4. lol ..i think they will disapear along with my deodorants ))

  5. and dont send me any girls ... cos i will disapear then ))

  6. Ali ; Maybe this is why I don't like driving in fog.. 'cause I don't like this feeling of don't know where are you going..
    Welcome to my blog..It was nice having you here :)

    zuzikabdo ; Hehehee itamant they won't be girls.. Just a bunch of stupid people..Example; my x-manager


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