As Seen On TV!

Finally we got some real confessions about all those stupid TV commercials that are trying to sell you some crappy unneeded stuff.. I guess we are all familiar with the commercial about a fixing-a-car-paint product;
''Khudshon huna..Khudshon hunak..Khudshon Khudshon Khudsho..W mantharoho muz3ej''..

The question that kept running in my head all through the past years was;
Is there anyone do buy that crap?


  1. hello rula ..
    hehe hay el de3ayat msh ma32ooleh sho menteshre b shakel 5orafiiii !! o she bezahhe2 !!
    i dont think that there are any one who answers peoples' calls lol .. i feel like no 1 answers coz there z nthng for real ..
    its a real crap !! b mojarrad ma bye3melo halooleh lal she t2akkadi how CRAPPY it looks like .. lool ..

    am not 1 of the buyers .. :D el 7amdela

  2. KJ ; hehehe glad to hear that :)

    Farah ; I know it is so lame and the products are 80% fake..

  3. Yes, the senior citizens.

  4. Unfortunately yes ...:$
    and some of them will tell you proudly, it is the thing from the so and so commercial, even if it didn't work with them , and they were sure 2enno 2enda7ak 3alehom

  5. Anonymous ; Thank you for stopping by :)

    Whisper ; Yes after knowing how lame they are they convince themselves and try to convince the others that it is a good deal..


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